ETP Landscape: ETP flows exceed $30bn in record april as economic outlook stabilizes after a volatile first quarter

– Global ETP inflows surged to a six-month high of $33.5bn in April and were broadbased, led by emerging markets, US large cap equity and renewed strength for non-US developed markets equity…..

Russ Koesterich, BlackRock’s Chief Investment Strategist


– April marked a return to fundamentals-based investing with the global economy on more solid footing, headline risks muted, US earnings season off to a good start and the emerging markets driven equity volatility of Q1 out of the picture
– Emerging markets ETPs led both equity and fixed income flows during the month
• Broad EM equity gathered $5.9bn – the first positive month since October – though the late-March surge that continued into April slowed to close the month
• Broad frontier markets equity brought in $0.2bn to double the year-to-date total as market returns accelerated in April following a strong Q1 and 2013
• EM debt ETPs contributed $1.3bn – the best month since October 2012 – and investors continue to favor hard currency over local currency funds
– Non-US developed equity ETPs, which remain an attractive option for investors seeking relative value as the US bull market continues, generated flows of $9.9bn in April to regain momentum after a flat March
– April ETP flows reflected the market trend toward value over growth as US value equity funds gathered $3.1bn while redemptions for US growth totaled ($1.2bn)
– US sector ETP flows were $4.4bn – focused in energy, utilities and industrials – and reached $14.5bn year-to-date to keep pace with last year’s $35.7bn record



Source: – BlackRock ETP Research

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