ETP Landscape: Robust ETP flows in december mark strong 2013 with equity ETPS reaching all-time record

– Global ETP flows accelerated in December to $24.7bn, following the Fed’s decision to begin trimming its $85bn monthly bond-buying program……

This removed market uncertainty and Equity ETPs responded, bringing in the bulk of the inflows for the month at $28.9bn – entirely from Developed Markets.

– Full-year Equity ETP flows set an all-time record at $247.3bn, overtaking 2008 which was the only other year they had exceeded $200bn. US exposures gathered $147.8bn in 2013, followed by Japanese exposures with $38.2bn. Pan-
European funds surged in the second half of the year and finished with $26.7bn, more than double the total from 2012.

– Total 2013 flows of $235.5bn surpassed $200bn for the second consecutive year, underscoring the industry’s continued secular growth. The composition of flows shifted significantly in favor of Equities versus 2012, illustrating how
investors use ETPs to seek efficient, tailored access to varied investment exposures and for diversified buy-and-hold investments.

– Fixed Income flows of $27.5bn, while lower than 2012, remained strong thanks to investors pouring $35.9bn into Short-Maturity ETPs.

– Strategic Beta Equity – which we define as non-market cap weighted Equity ETPs – contributed a record $65.1bn of inflows in 2013 led by dividend-weighted funds, and nearly doubled the $34.2bn from last year.

– Gold ETP outflows of ($40.1bn) in 2013 offset all inflows from the past three years combined as the price of Gold fell from its peak and investors turned to Equities for more attractive returns.


Source: – BlackRock ETP Research

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